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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today is cloudy, rainy. I have time to spend in my art studio. Here is Gemma's canvas book from the round robin which we are doing. I am working on a double pink page with collaged and stitched watercolor, antique lace, acrylic flowers and who knows what else...I've only just begun, LOL!


Besides doing art work, I am organizing things from Mom's house....More treasures from the past....

A child's cloth book of ABC's. Circa 1920's.

Little toy watch with silk ribbon band ( such a feminine and elegant face), old (1950's) child's fan from Japan with hand-painted roses, and two, 10 cent first- class postage stamps which celebrate letter writing (and reading). The quote under the Gainsborough says, "Letters mingle souls."-Donne.
[How long ago was postage just 10 cents?]


gemma said...

Are these things from your mothers house? Lovely treasures.

lila said...

Yes, they are from Mom's, as is the piece of antique lace on the pages in your canvas book!
We have lots to work with here!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Memories are made of such lovely things.

Janet said...

Gemma's book looks great. And that little child's book is amazing!!

I miss getting letters in the mail. Email is fast but it just isn't the same as pulling a hand written letter out of the mail box.

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