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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out and about in my "home away from home" for the moment, Little Rock, Arkansas, seems to mostly involve trips to donate at the Goodwill thrift shop. Of course, after giving them our donation, I have to browse in the shop itself. This is fun....and it is cool and air-conditioned! I picked up the hardback of "Cold Mountain"....partly because I love the intense blue cover with distant mountains (we have similar scenes near my other home). I have avoided this novel and movie since it first came out (afraid it might be too graphic or upsetting)...but will now give it a chance. It was only $2.00 and for a good cause...

Another "find" some dishes with the pattern name of "Ella's Rooster". As Ella is my mom's name and also my great-niece, these were meant to be ours!!!
I'm still loving tunics!!!! This Irish linen tunic with a bit of sparkle was in the window of a resale shop near the yoga studio where I take classes, AND they were having a of course.......

Today I found a soft white cotton pleated tunic at Goodwill. It is so light and airy! Rather a cross between a tuxedo shirt and a peasant blouse! [natural pearl buttons, too!] the heat index climbs to 100 degrees and above...but I am ready!


Another delight while away from home, is e-mail!!!! [so write to me!!!LOL!]

Today's e-mail was a wonderful letter from my friend Paula. I have her permission to share it with you! She tells me the manner in which she came to create this little vignette in her home....

"Sending you photos and descriptions of my latest treasures:
The three floats occupying the far right, center, and far left are the ones I found at the Potter's House thrift shop last week. They were tied together and had a macrame type cover that obscured the glass so I cut the twine off. What you see now is the imprint of the macrame protecting the glass. The sand would get on the glass and abrad the glass leaving it cloudy with many small scratches. The glass under the twine is smooth-this created the subtle pattern you see on those
three. These floats are probably older--maybe vintage. The other two are gifts from Martha Lew Featherstone, a friend of Joan Beyette's with whom I visited recently. The two from ML were collected more recently off the coast of Alaska, and, when I look closely at those floats, they have a seam line so they are newer.
Your "landlocked beachcomber" friend had great fun putting this together. I enjoy how the light plays off the different colors. I took this (photo) at 3:00 yesterday in natural light. I found the sign in the background for $1 at a flea market earlier this summer and placed one of my favorite fabrics behind it. These pale colors seem perfect for summer days.
Your friend,Paula"
So thrift shops, flea markets and resale shops are where the treasures are this summer! Have you been blessed by finding special things just waiting for you there????


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I absolutely LOVED the book Cold Mountain so I bought the movie as soon as it came out....and gave it away! The movie IS too graphic! We live near Cold mountain and know someone that owns a lot of land there and I loved reading the history. Love your tunics...and thanks for sharing the email. I SO want to find some glass balls. I guess I should look in ETSY! Enjoy your week! We're back in NC for the summer! Write me! ♥♥♥

Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

Thanks for urging me to write a post on my BD. As you will see, I do not have Internet service and am at the library. The T-storm is still raging. Lucky I have some more quarters. I will try to get by your blog a couple of times a week.

The book "Cold Mountain" is really good. I hope you enjoy it. When I get home I am going to start "The Double Comfort Safari Club."

Janet said...

Haven't read the book but saw the movie....I mostly loved Renee Zellwegger's part.

I'm so envious of all your thrift stores. We have very few and they aren't much good. About the only thing I ever find is junk....and I do mean junk!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What fun at the thrift shops - and your art is wonderful as always. I can't wait to see what you do next.

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