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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love painting flowers! I also love finding a fellow artist who paints them too!
Below, two paintings by the late Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981). I really like her light atmospheric work!

What an original feature shadows of bulbs in bloom near the forced crocus in the dish!
She is really painting the light as much as the flowers! Finding a world of inspiration on a window sill!!!

One more..."Honeysuckle and Sweet Peas". She was a fabulous colorist and her work was very modern for the time!

Winifred was married to the artist Ben Nicholson whose work was taken more seriously than hers. They eventually divorced but remained friends. In addition to the still lifes on the windowsills, Winifred produced a number of seascapes, many painted on trips to Scotland. Often she would paint the windsill with flowers, then a landscape in the distance.

I like her work so much that I have ordered a book all about her art! I am also making a copy with my acrylics and canvas of this painting, "Gateway to the Isles". It was painted when she was 87. I learned a lot about this painting from a post [June 13, 2010] by Dancing Beastie , a blogger/mother/ writer who lives in a castle in Scotland....a quote below.

"In ‘The Gate to the Isles’, Nicholson was apparently inspired by the Gaelic legend of Tír na n’Óg, the ‘Land of Youth’, more commonly known as the Isles of the Blest. According to Scots-Irish myth, this ‘otherworld’ was located in the uttermost West, beyond the reach of maps. It was a paradise for the souls of the blest, a land of eternal youth, without sickness, misery or death."


Julie said...

Lila, this is a wonderful post. Thanks for personally sending me links to information about her and her work.

I love that blue gate painting. I may use it myself!

Anonymous said...

I am honoured to be quoted by a sister blogger. And glad that you, too, find delight in W.N.'s paintings.

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