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Friday, June 04, 2010

Back home after being gone for 10 days....I am delighted by the growing garden! [Vase above, backlit, has hydrangeas from the yard....posing as I do a watercolor.]

This pink lily was only buds last week! Here it is in the morning sunshine! (BTW, the orange-colored pollen is intense and will stain fabric!)

In the same flower bed, after 4 years of waiting, I have my reward! "Endless Summer" hydrangea in bloom at last!

They are so beautiful, but can hardly hold their heads up! I think I even have enough (some blooms are hidden) to cut and display (maybe paint-watercolor, acrylic???) inside the house.

In the backyard, raised beds are still in the shade. Everything has grown. The tomatoes were trying to escape their cages! LOL! I'll have to get a trellis or stepladder in there for the zucchini to climb.

In the other bed, my cool weather crops are still going gangbusters! Lettuce for every meal now! The cilantro has already bolted and I plan to let all of these crops bloom, go to seed and then hopefully, I will have more of these in the fall from those seeds! The French marigolds are volunteers from last year and will do wonderfully through the heat! I threw in some cosmos and snapdragon seeds a couple of weeks ago, so this may evolve into a flower bed too....

Now, I'm drinking green tea ice tea and can either work on art down in the studio...or read "The Double Comfort Safari Club", by Alexander McCall Smith. Set in Botswana, featuring the #1 Ladies Detective Agency.

I did both some reading and a quick watercolor sketch of the flowers. A good day!


I could also recommend a cute movie with Amy Adams, "Leap Year". Filmed in Ireland, a girl on a mission who encounters a romantic Irishman. It reminds me of a more current version of the classic, masterpiece, "I Know Where I'm Going" which was set in the "wilds" of Scotland.


Sioux said...

Thanks for the movie suggestion! I love your garden. The hydrangeas are wonderful! My daddy used to grow them and experiment with colors.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Your garden is lovely - and your sketch is too.

gemma said...

All of the flowers are gorgeous but the "Endless Summer" hydrangea is just fabulous. Love that color.

Julie said...

Did you see "Letters to Juliet"? It should remind you a lot of the Amy Adams movie. I wanted to see that one when it came out but had no money. I should rent it now.

Julie said...

PS -

Love your hydrangea painting! Isn't a pink one unusual?

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