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Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's so nice to have a Saturday at home! I'm spending some time in the art studio. I have finished the page for our "Art Saves" round robin journals. This one re-cycles the black paper from the Shiseido "Zen" perfume and adds Oriental newsprint, sheer sparkly overlays of gold chiffon, butterflies in different materials and images of geisha. "Geisha in the Mist", is now ready to send on to Ily for her art work!


All this collage is creeping into my acrylic paintings!

Work in progress (below)...this small 5x5 canvas is being painted from a photo of a train station door in Lamy, NM. The stucco walls are "crumbling" a bit to reveal the collage elements....can you find the mosaic face? [Click picture to look closer!]

This canvas has 1" deep sides and won't be framed. The sides are perfect for continuing the
"stucco" and collage. [The torn paper of the old Coca Cola case in now on the underneath space, where the photo had gravel outside and in front of the door.]
Hope you are having a good, creative weekend too!

Later---the finished 5x5 with view of the side too!


Tonight's main dish has been assembled. I still have time for more art before I bake this!

It is lasagne using extra boulanaise sauce made from food network Emeril Lagasse's (sorry the direct link just didn't work for me!) recipe! It has lots of spices and ingredients, including bay leaves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


gemma said...

BEAUTIFUL!Love both of these works.
Geisha in the mist and the train station painting collage....Wow
OK I'm going to get busy now
You inspire me....

lila said...

Thanks for coming by, Gemma! I think you may be working in MY round robin journal now!

Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the way the face blends in. I'm having a cleaning creative weekend - vacuumning and taking the hose and really getting in the nooks and crannies - baking banana bread and chocolate cupcakes - washing fabric - dusting so my house sparkles - I like to think of housework as creatives - and I love a clean house.

Sioux said...

Looks like you're having fun!!!

lila said...

I think a clean house is creative too!!!
now to spruce this one up for an hour or so....then back to the studio!

Janet said...

Both of these art pieces are just beautiful. I love the train station painting with the face.

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