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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm retired now! (temporarily!) This gives me time to spend with my Mom. We are trying to help her close up housekeeping and move in with us by the end of summer. No easy task, as we are constantly stopping to remember. Reading letters from years gone by, and finding more photos than we knew were here! This photo from about 1954 shows me and by little brother with our Christmas dolls. My paternal grandmother is in the photo too. She would have been about the age I am now. [Funny, I don't even feel grown up at times! I remember her telling me that I would not believe how fast my life would go by.]

My mom was great at giving me home permanents, here is my 3rd grade school photo. These aren't the greatest photos, but they are in the computer files here....representative of what we are finding in the archaeological dig through the closets!

After a well-earned break to enjoy Yarnell's Lemon Ice Box Pie ice cream (below) with mixed berries on top, we will return to excavating!

Being away from home, I can't go to my regular yoga class or see the moring TV show which I usually watch with my teacher, Andrea . Luckily the teachers, Brian and Andrea, have made a wonderful DVD that I can take with me! I think doing this gentle workout will be a real boost! [You can purchase this DVD by following the link and scrolling down!]


Sioux said...

My mother gave me permanents, and I gave them to the girls...I even gave Raf one once!

As to age, my mind says I'm 35...but my body doesn't agree. Still trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing the photos, brings back memories. And didn't we all get those Toni perms? And short bangs? I know it's hard to go through everything from a lifetime of housekeeping but I know your Mom will be happy moving in with you. I would love to get that CD and learn Yoga. It's one of my goals! ♥

Julie said...

Isn't it funny how much younger grandmas look these days? Like you!

I, too, always got Toni home perms and they were always so frizzy. I loved those old photos.

That ice cream looks to die for. I wonder if we have that brand here?

lila said...

The Yarnell's ice cream is an Arkansas product, I think. they are only making this flavor for a season....not usually available!
I know you could make something similar by folding cool whip, frozen lemonade and graham crackers into softened vanilla ice cream [or frozen yogurt!]

Shopgirl said...

I need a break, can I have a little spoon ful of that Lemon ice are a wonderful person and a great daughter...she is worth every minute. Love, Mary

gemma said...

I can just imagine going through the family mementos,letters,pictures
and all. Have fun with that.

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