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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am home for a few days. From Mom's house, I brought this doll's chest. It was made for Mom by her father and delivered by Santa Claus. It is now full of many years' collection of buttons on cards. I love how it looks on this work table in my art/sewing studio!

I am endeavoring to take things slowly today [as in the book, "SLOW LOVE"] while still accomplishing a lot. My garden needs me as I have been gone for almost a week, but it is rather rainy now. Lots of weeding all over the property will be easier after the rain!

One thing on my "to do" list for today is going quite well! I am making yogurt (organic). It is easy in the new (from Ebay, as they are no longer being produced!) Salton 1-quart yogurt maker. No matter if I decide to "goof off" and watch a movie, or go for a walk, or do art in my studio, in a few hours I will have completed this project, and "Voila", there will be wonderful yogurt to enjoy and flavor as we wish! I like mine plain on savory things and sweetened with a little honey on fruit or cereal.

I hope your day also goes well in a peaceful, flowing fashion!


Janet said...

The little chest is so cute and a real family heirloom. How nice that you now have it and can hand it down to someone in years to come.

I have that very same kind of yogurt maker! Love it!!

Freckled Hen said...

That chest is adorable! Handcrafted gifts are so welcome and such sweet reminders of family. We make yogurt, too. Store bought yogurt is full of too much junk!

Julie said...

That chest of drawers is so sweet. I'm glad you have it now.

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