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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Finding that we really do have thoughtful customers at the store!

Small and exquisite, this little vase of violas was brought in today! They are in a candleholder, just perfect for their tiny size! When she brought them to us, she said that just looking at these will make us feel better.....[she also said that "Men don't understand this." LOL!]

I told her that violas are also known as "Hearts Ease". This is an ancient name, read more here, with the flower fairies !
It was one of those special moments. A gift from a quiet, humble, sensitive soul! And of course, gave me something beautiful to share here!
Also appearing in the store for us were white boxes like the one below.....
And what delightful goodies were inside! [From a customer who owns a candy store in anearby town!]
So, even though these last days are hectic, they are also rather fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wish I was there to share those chocolates... mmmmm...

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