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Monday, May 03, 2010

[HINT:I wrote this in 2 posts. This reads a little better if you scroll down to the photo of the lilacs and start there!]

After the visit to the Mall of America, Friday, we met our son for lunch and a tour of where he works, a university library where he is a student ( this was the end of Spring Break there).

See this quilt?

It was behind the check-out desk where Andrew had been working! It is beautifully done and shows a famous Minnesota landmark on Lake you see the lighthouse? The fabrics include a brown batik ( used near the "Bear Paw" block) which has animals of the North Woods.....bear, moose, etc.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At lunch, I came across an art supply store and quickly picked up a new sketch book. [Sketch coming up later....] and a new cutting tool for collage.

Saturday morning we went out for a hike (walk?), taking the "granddog", Juniper. It was too cold and windy to walk along Lake Harriet, though we tried, so we found a trail near a creek in a wonderful neighborhood.

It was a day for windblown hair, smiles and sunshine!!!

That evening we went early to a place called "Matt's" at 35th and Cedar for a famous hamburger called a "Jucy Lucy" which has a center of melted cheese. The place was small and packed, with a line going out the door for quite a while!


Then, Sunday brunch. [MORE food!]

Before visiting the cathedral of St. Paul, and the Minnesota History Center, we went to Patrick's French Bakery. Delightful! It was so hard to choose!

We did manage to make a reasonable (and even healthy!) selection and shared tastes all round with expresso and cafe au lait!

Then back to the display case to choose take home items.....macaroons and croissants.

Here is that new sketch book. As I often do, I have to sketch the foods before they are consumed! Still life and art journaling.

This page also tells how, after coming home from this jaunt [which was long as we went on to St. Paul and spent a couple of hours at the cathedral and seeing the exhibit about Benjamen Franklin at the history center], we found that Juniper, had found my cough drops and had eaten them all......we were concerned but she seems to have suffered no permanent damage! [I KNEW I should have put them more out of her reach! not used to having a dog around now!]

Our breakfast before starting home this morning! Life is good in Minnesota!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love that quilt! Would love to see it close up. Sounds like a fun trip--I've never been to Minnesota--yet.

Anonymous said...

How funny! I didn't see this until now... more macaroons for the bestest mom in the world!

lila said...

Thanks!!! I asked the universe for macaroons and "voila"!

gemma said...

Looks like you had an excellent trip.
love to you

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