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Sunday, April 04, 2010

More Resurrection on Easter Sunday.....

Last Mother's Day, my lovely daughter sent me a "Sorbet" peony. I know she thought it would arrive looking like the photo above. [NOTE: the photo of the Sorbet peony was found on the Internet and is from Pamela's blog!]

Instead, it was a plastic bag with a dry brown stick loosely packed in peat moss. Not very exciting.....but there were planting directions and I followed them. Now, the new life is coming up near the fence around our yard! I know it will not bloom this year, but still it is wonderful to see the gift beginning to emerge!

May you have a blessed Easter , finding new life around you!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I planted a peony this year and hope for better things to come.
Hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter.

Julie said...

It will be so beautiful once it blooms! I love that color combination and what a good name for it. I hope you had a beautiful Easter, my friend.

lila said...

Thanks, Julie! Easter was good...peaceful, I cooked my Portuguese Sweet Bread and we enjoyed a balmy day!

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