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Sunday, March 28, 2010

While I was on my trip to Georgia last week, our town had a late snowfall of 8 to 12 inches! I wondered what my flowers would look like when I came today I took the camera out and found the beauties! The snow didn't bother these at all!

I can't remember what variety these daffodils (below) will be....planted them last fall!

We are starting to plant cool weather vegetables in the lasagna garden. These broccoli plants are a new addition. I look forward to really fresh broccoli before summer!

The flowering quince or Japonica, in the back yard, is almost in full bloom!

This watercolor of ranuculus (lovely buttercups) which Laura had in a glass vase at her home, became the subject of a watercolor sketch. Later, I was letting the grandson use my art supplies...( he is a brilliant 2 year-old artist, of course!) and the little "gray" muddy area appeared in my bouquet!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your flowers are beautiful and your painting is very pretty! I think your flowers and birds are my favorite! ♥

Janet said...

All your flowers look so pretty. I bet that painting will be one of your favorites because it was a joint effort between you and your grandson!

Julie said...

How glad I am that your flowers survived the snows. I can't believe you got that late snowstorm! It was 72 here today. No flowers yet of course but I bought daffodils at the supermarket today. Your painting is great, even with grandson's help!

JG said...

What beautiful flowers! Daffodils are a favorite - the deer do not enjoy tasting them. There are three buds in my back garden.

gemma said...

Beautiful. WONDERFUL to have blooms to enjoy.

Dia said...

Isn't it amazing how flowers just kind of ignore snow?? I love your flowering quince - I have an orange flowered one that's so sweet. & great 'assisted' painting - I'm sitting at my dining room table that's covered with my grandkids' art - esp. like the green patch (~ 9x18") that the youngest girl painted - her 'hippo' (honestly - there are no legs, no head, nothing to indicate to an ADULT that it's a hippo!!)
Do enjoy your broccoli!! I have kale/broccolini that's lovely in stirfrys (overwinters so nicely - also doesn't seem to mind snow or frost!)

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