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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Still baking....I take this to work and share!
I had pumpkin in the freezer from the pumpkins on my porch last fall. Tonight I have 2 kinds of pumpkin bread "Starbucks" pumpkin bread in the oven, almost done, and another yeast pumpkin bread in my bread machine. The bread machine should start working in the wee hours and have a loaf ready for our breakfast....not sweet and dense like the other one (the quick bread) but warm and good with butter and marmalade I bet!

You see, I'm trying to clear out other seasons, and make way for spring!
We had very light snow flurries this morning...and daughter Laura, in Atlanta had snow today.

Towns in our state are just a few days away from their daffodil festival....can Spring be so close??? and daylight savings time coming sooner this year too.

Below is the quilt block I designed today for the class I teach. I am lucky to spend my "work" time on creative projects like this!

I see robins everywhere and know it is time to clean out and prepare the garden. I really enjoy thinking about all dreams....

Of course, using the spade is not my "thing", so it will be an above ground, layered, "lasagna" garden again!!!LOL!


Julie said...

Lila, I really love your daffodil quilt block. You are definitely a cloth artist as well as paint artist.

Julie said...


I forgot to say, our bread machine makes bread with really dark, tough crusts. I really don't like it. The bread machine is Dan's toy, I have never used it. This is awful to say, but my mom made icky homemade bread, very coarse and full of air holes. We kids wanted Sweetheart white bread instead. My grandma, however, made great raisin brown bread. I used to pluck out the plumped-up raisins from the top of the dough as it was rising. Well, excuse me but those raisins at the top just got burned anyway as the bread was baking so I was doing a real service!

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