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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reflections....pondering and BEing...
(warning: this is a very self-absorbed post!)

Recently, I took my camera to capture a current image or reflection of myself. This is one of several reflections in a mirror taken from different angles....a self-portrait using modern technology.
This is my 60th trip around the sun,and, as I told Mr. Pear and my mom, I am beginning to feel dizzy! [They are both older and appreciated the thought!] So many memeories and thoughts spinning in my brain...Like I've been here for quite a while and what next????
I'm trying to decide what to do about hair dye....tired of pretending that my hair isn't gray. Dying it is required so often as more gray must be covered...I'm wary of the constant use of harsh chemicals on my head, so, I am about to try some natural dyes from our organic grocery store. These are packaged and have wonderful names. I will be trying Naturcolor "Woodruff Blond" # 8C , a dark ash blond which I hope will work well with all the resistant gray.
Once I get through the transition to gray, it will be very liberating (and probably aging too!). Will I be wiser???
---Update Friday after using the Naturcolor--I LIke the way the cool taupe blends with the gray which peeks out here and there....much better than the brassy dark blond I was always gettting with L'oreal!

Hobbies and passions keep us from aging too fast. I would like to use my time well and wisely still pursuing my life-long interest in art. My favorite aspect of art is COLOR! My favorite medium for painting is watercolor! I love to see the paint flow onto the paper and have a few surprises for me as it dries!

This is a watercolor/collage which I sold last year. I identify with the little birds now hopping into my still life paintings. They are just like me, BEing there, appreciating all the beauty and shapes around them! The collages use fabric and colorful papers collected from anything and every thing. [fortune cookie fortunes, receipts, notes, magazines, newspapers, nothing is too mundane to find it's way into some little corner of a collage]
I think my love of collage grew out of my love for combining fabrics in scrappy quilts. I am actually rather tired of sewing and quilts....but nostalgia and romantic ideas about all of this still have a great hold on me!
My latest acquisition is pictured here. Something I really have no "need" for other than that I love it's aqua color and "life-story".
This Singer 337 sewing machine was manufactured in Clydebank, Scotland in 1964. It was owned by a 90-year-old sewist (not "sewer" any more, the term is now a sewer is a receptacle or pipe for dirty water!) who is down-sizing to move in with a family member.
In the photo you can see some of my patchwork. We always said, "When life gives you scraps, make a quilt!"

Life has certainly given me riches in many forms, rather than just scraps, so I am grateful!
This week, I am riding with my sister to Georgia to visit my daughter, her husband and my grandchildren. We will visit with our mother along the way!
I'm sure the trip will give me even more memories and events upon which to reflect!


Bettyann said...

You look marvelous for 60 turns around the sun...I think you are younger at heart when you have many interests and hobbies...have a safe trip to visit your family in Georgia..

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hi Lila!
Yes, I also worry about the potential side effects from hair dye, especially the dark ones! I've wondered how I'd look as a blond or really silver! I've seen that look really good! I read somewhere not to go too dark or too light! Anyway, I think you look great! Have a wonderful, safe trip!

Anonymous said...

I quit dying my hair about 5 years ago. Oldest daughter loves it, youngest daughter not so much. Hubby says however I want it, is fine. It is liberating not to have to spend all of that time and money on it. Have fun on your trip and be safe. Love Hugs and Blessings

lila said...

Thank-you for the encouragement!

I haven't discussed this with Mr. Pear...Steve....
I will do it (go gray) gradually and he may accept it that way. Today, I used the herbal color and was able to eliminate the brassy red/gold from the other dye colors (which clash so badly with the gray!) Now it is a cool dark ash blonde with gray peeping in and out...but no clash! Sort of like having taupe hair. I love taupe!!
[Of course you really need all this info! LOL!]

gemma said...

Great picture pretty. I bet there is not that much gray there. Meanwhile mine changes every so often. An aunt of mine used to say "Even an old barn looks better with a new coat of paint."
So I try using her advice.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful photo of you Lila. I bet your hair looks very pretty. I added highlights to my graying blonde hair and hope it just sort of blends together. My hair is coming in white, not gray!

Mary Anne said...

Happy 60th Birthday! What fun to start another decade. Cheers!

Carmen said...

i am 41 and full of grays ;-)
and i have real dark hair so yes i have beeen thinking about quitting dyeing my hair too
by the way in the very front of my face i have a kind of white circle of grays (i had that since very very young) so now i kind of think this looks unique and i am going to let it show ;-)
you are so beautiful, we are!!!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You really are beautiful, look just like you did when we were growing up together! I think just lightening it a little at a time would be a nice look for you. Sounds like the herbal color you mentioned in the comment is working well. Show us some new photos! And a belated Happy Birthday sweet friend! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and a fun trip! ♥♥♥

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