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Thursday, March 04, 2010

My own "March Madness"!!!!

This free calendar page is a great visual of how I feel on this fourth day of March!

We have a great forecast, warmer, sunny, not too windy and I have the day off!
It is like an overload of energy and possibilities this morning!

Birds are busily preparing their nests, my house wrens arrived this week! Robins are everywhere....I am tempted to clean and tidy my own nest.

OR, I could make a batch of crepes to have on hand for coming meals....or even try making my own mozzarella. [Yesterday a customer commented to me that her next errand after out store was to pick up a cheese thermometer. I was intrigued and had never heard of such a thing. She told me that she makes her own mozzarella and that it "ONLY" takes 30 minutes. It was an interesting conversation, but I didn't think too much about it....THEN, while running my errands, getting seersucker fabric for more little rompers for my grandson, I browsed the magazines at Hancock Fabric...what should catch my eye but "Make Mozzarella in Minutes"!!! It was in a charming magazine called HOBBY FARM HOME.

I bought the magazine... seems you can also make ricotta from the whey as you do this....and ricotta with fruit would be wonderful in those crepes!] If I had another day tomorrow too, I might just jump in and try!

OR there is the art/sewing studio downstairs, where I could collage, or paint birds,...

OR step out the door there into the garden area and start cleaning up and preparing for planting.
OR I could visit local thrift stores looking for a fun chair to recycle into an art piece for our local "CHAIR AFFAIR" an art auction evening which supports Life Styles a local organization which provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
I guess since there is a deadline coming on doing the chair, I could do that errand.... after the heating and air-conditoning workers come this morning, to do the seasonal check on our furnace and all. And of course, getting to yoga class....
OR maybe the best way to have a day off is just to relax and "piddle", take things as they come and NOT try to accomplish too much ????? Just breathe and BE.


Janet said...

You have a lot of options for what to do today. Whatever you do, I hope it's fun. The mozzarella sounds interesting mainly because I love cheese!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - so full of promise and possibilities.

gemma said...

I love fresh Mozzarella
Let us know if you were able to make it, or crepes, or do spring cleaning,
or make a romper,a collage, an altered book...whew
I am typing frantically now
thinking of all the things I am not doing.

lila said...

It took 4 hours for the furnace check-up and I just relaxed here and waited for the verdict. The unit is about 25 years old...and not going to make it much longer. We need a new one.

The errands I did next were to get furnace filters and lining material for the rompers, and I indulged in some pansies and a hyacinth which I planted outside in a container. We'll see....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you have a nice evening. I'm ready to read some and wanted to check your blog and say hello! I've enjoyed seeing some of the things you've baked recently. I have been in a baking mood lately, too. ♥

Julie said...


You are so ambitious you make me tired, LOL! I hope you had a fulfilling, creative, and at times restful day off.

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