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Sunday, February 07, 2010

A wonderful weekend with two of our favorite people!

Our daughter-in-law, Mary was working near us and we had plans for her to visit this weekend. At the last minute, she found a discount plane ticket and our son Andrew was able to fly down from Minnesota and join all of us. Heaven!
Today, wanting to show the beauties of our area to the newest family member, we drove an hour to the east and hiked a trail back to caves and waterfalls. The ferns and mosses were lovely and the bluffs like walls, rising around the creek bed have given the trail the name "Lost Valley". It was a perfect the high 30's and not windy down along the we thoroughly enjoyed the 3.5 miles of the hike! A real coming out party for Mr. Pear's new knee!

Now for a cup of warm chai, and to prepare for the Superbowl event. [ I'll be back in a day or so with more photos from the hike!]

Later----the photos!

With Andrew along the way, (can't miss those bright red gloves!)

With Mr. Pear at Eden Falls.

Half-way on the trail, where it begins to become more challenging....the first waterfall being explored by Andrew and Mary, above.

Shelf lichen!

A mossy bank with snow!

An easy stroll back to the trail head and parking lot....they'll be off to follow other journeys!


Shopgirl said...

They are a handsome couple indeed, and your day sounded wonderful. The new knew is working well, and that is very good!
These are the moments that say with us long after....Hugs, Mary

Bettyann said...

How lovely you were able to spend a great time with your family..looks like a place I would love to walk...take care..

gemma said...

These pictures are so cool. Wonderful surprise visit!! Looks like a great time for everyone.

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