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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seven Lilas......or self-portrait multiplied and simplified.

A photo collage of shots taken with multiple mirrors which I edited in Adobe Photoshop. This is what I played with tonight to unwind.[not that I am that "wound-up"! I just don't feel complete unless I get to play with some kind of art/journaling every day or so!]

This style is called "notepaper". I don't know why it is just 2 colors...and I didn't have a choice of the colors either, but I rather like the high contrast and my image being reduced to simple shapes. Since it was "notepaper", I thought I should write on it...and perhaps I will, using the text feature in Photoshop, or printing it out (yikes, what a lot of ink that would take!!!) and making notecards...for now I will just use it for a blog note!

On a more serious note.....( I'm not smiling in these photos you see...)

I'm grateful for all I have and for the blogging world. To be able to "play" and live in a warm environment....etc. Many blessings every moment! I know that even if there were 7 of me I could still not do much without others! By joining together we can raise the level of good which can be done! If you have not found a way to help out the suffering world, especially Haiti, this week, visit this link to Jamaican singer Wyclif Jean. $5.00 donations from many people will add up!


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely thing to do - you remind us to be generous. I've gone to the site and made a donation - and to the red cross and made another donation. We are all so fortunate to be safe and warm and alive.

Janet said...

HB and I have donated but I'll go to that link, too. It's such a tragedy and will have long term effects.

Bettyann said...

Yes, you are so right..If all women donated $5. we could help our neighbours children..take care..I am giving to the Canadian Red Cross..

Shopgirl said...

We are donating this evening...Payday! This is a very sad time, rivers of tears for these wonderful people. They had so little and now they have faced what no one could ever think of.
We are blessed, and now we should be a blessing, Mary

gemma said...

Prayers for Haiti.
Your self portrait is cool. I know what you mean about being able to create....yes we are blessed.
Lila sometime visit the website
It is a free photo editing site
thats lotsa fun too.

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