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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree decorating tonight!

Our tree has lots of white lights and 2 ornaments at the moment. The bird ornament happened to stay on there from last year, the sparkly gold pear was a find this week at Pottery Barn.



I'm missing work today....we didn't get the tree decorated last night after all. I have come down with a pinched nerve (s) and muscle spasms which has affected my left arm, neck shoulder and upper back. I am typing with my right hand...taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. As soon as I post this, I will go lie down on my back and rest as much as possible.

I hope to come back later and tell you about Tokyo Milk bath products and a wonderful shortbread cookie with dried cranberries and and green in a cookie, you know!


Julie said...


I'm so sorry! I hope you recover very quickly. Hugs coming your way!!!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hope you feel better soon! Waiting for that recipe! Sounds good!V.

Bettyann said...

oh your poor thing..hope the meds and heating pad work..(((gentle hugs)))

Shopgirl said...

Be well Dear Friend, I am send a really Big Hug & a neck rub in my thoughts.... Your, Mary

Janet said...

Oh, Lila, I hope you're feeling better now.

HB decorated our tree and we have several pear ornaments....they always remind me of you.

lila said...

Thanks everyone....I am much better! Maybe the tree will be decorated tomorrow??!!!

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