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Monday, December 28, 2009

Peaceful Christmas in Georgia

[Above, grandson "B3" takes a break from the work of unwrapping all the gifts!]

Using my new yoga mat (thank-you "secret santa") with my grandson, "downward facing dog" pose.

Dear Mr. Pear [Steve] and the grandchildren the morning we left.


Janet said...

A yoga mat....good for Santa! It looks like a wonderful Christmas. You were with your family and that's what counts.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful photos! Your grandkids are growing! Wish you were close to help me learn yoga! Happy New Year sweet friend!

Shopgirl said...

Happy New Year..looks like you had a wonderful Christmas...Hugs, Mary

Julie said...

Your grandkids are sooo cute! I loved the photo of your grandson in a box. Sometimes boxes are better toys than toys are.

Looks like you had a nice Christmas. And a yoga mat - way to work off any Christmas pounds.

gemma said...

Dearest Lila
B3 has the right idea!
What fun pictures. Looks as though you and yours enjoyed. My love to you and yours always and always.
Happy New Year!

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