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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Still learning new things~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I love reading a quiet novel which may be full of extra tid-bits of information from the real world in which the novel is set. The latest one which I am reading is "The Lost Art of Gratitude" by Alexander McCall Smith.
In it there is a reference to Scottish artist Anne Redpath (1895-1965). I had not heard of her before... Wow! Do I love her work! So much red, pink and lots of gray (it rains a lot in Scotland!)

Enjoy! [Images from the Internet]

(above---she did travel and live in continental Europe too...this window seems to look out on the Mediterranean coast)

I can definitely say that reading (which two of the subjects are doing!) may seem like a very passive activity but it continues to broaden and deepen my world!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have some more of this author's books checked out of the library right now....but I just went and looked and that is not one of them! My hubby just finished #1 Lady Detective last night and we are ready to read MORE! Now I'll want to request this book, too! Great post, Lila!

Janet said...

I don't think I've read this author but I'll add her to my list. The art shown here reminds me a lot of your own work.

I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!!

Bettyann said...

I have just finished the book and think it is one of the best of the series..enjoy..

Laurie said...

I have never heard of this artist either.
I agree with Janet, her work reminds me of yours Lila. So very pretty and vibrant.

Julie said...

Ooh, Lila,

Wonderful post. Thanks for the intro to this artist - I had never heard of her. Is this one of the Isobal Dalhousie (kick me if this name is way off base) Scottish novels? I love them! Even more so than his African books.

PS - reading is never passive. Never. Reading engages the mind. Even if the body is stationary the mind is moving as rapidly as a jet plane!

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