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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I requested 5 more words..... these are from Gemma. They are,"Venus, luminous, moonlit, pearl, fawn". As it is that spooky, frightful, scary time of year, I thought this was perfect *---

"Like Venus, she emerges from the luminous, moonlit mist.
The Moon is a pearl at her throat.
She is an October fawn."
[art print by artist
David Stoupakis

* Autumn can mean it's time for a macabre costume as well as homey and delicious like pumpkin bread!

If you would like 5 words, just leave a comment and request your 5!


gemma said...

Excellent use of the words! The art is perfect too. What fun!
Are you baking today?

Julie said...

This is wonderful. I love those words and what you have done with them. Still working on my poem.

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