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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a couple of days off...maybe this whole week....I am finding more time to be on-line.
Today, I found this tutorial for making BOO banners. Of course, that meant that I have made two trips to Hobby Lobby for supplies (the hospital is very close to Hobby Lobby). Mom and I have had a successful time making these!

Mr. Pear update....

My darling (sometimes) husband does not like being called "Mr. Pear". However, I can't resist because it makes writing a post so easy....easier than saying "DH" or "STEVE" or "my husband", with him very much on my mind, as he is still in hospital with the total knee replacement surgery now 36 hours behind him, I wanted to write about it...
Then, I had a sudden urge to "Google" "mr. pear" and then hit "images".
Several VERY UNUSUAL photos came up....a guy with a pear tattoo on top of his shaved head, another guy with a pear-shaped face painted pear green. But the BEST ONE is the debonair pear on the INDIGO BLUE label....with his top hat and cane. AND note the smile and glasses...... *

This photo from my birthday evening shows Mr. Pear in fine form, clowning with the red reading glasses from my friend Lizzzie! I ask you, is he or is he not "Mr. Pear"???????
In a more serious vein, please remember Steve in your prayers. This is a very painful operation, and he has a couple of hard weeks ahead before the wonderful benefits of the new knee are evident!
* old orange crate artwork by Richard Ankrom


Anonymous said...

Love the BOO Banner! Hope I get one! Wishing Daddy a speedy recovery. Lilia is off to Tybee tomorrow and Baby B and I will go to the library for Halloween books. XOXO - Me

Laurie said...

I am glad to hear your hubby is doing better. Yes, he does look like a "Mr. Pear." Saying prayers for his speedy recovery. This is an operation my hubby will have to have some time in the future.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He is indeed a very handsome Mr. Pear and we all call him that affectionately! I sure hope he heals up quickly and feels better soon. And now to YOU, my friend! Do you just get younger and more beautiful every year? You look amazing! What a great photo! Give Mr. Pear our best wishes! Love your fun project, too!

gemma said...

Sending a healing prayer
To your ailing Mister Pear!
It rhymes.
Seriously hope all is going well.

Carmen said...

i made one last year for thanksgiving, i guess will be making another real soon.
i will be thinking of Mr known as Mr Pear ;-)
and hugs to you

ruthie said...

Hi Lila, i think Mr Pear is great, it is hard to know what to call ones other half. I do hope all goes well for him after the op x ruthie

Julie said...

I love the debonair Mr. Pear. And the real Mr. Pear - Steve - looks cool in red glasses. Wishing you, Steve and your Mom all the best during convalescent time.

Julie said...

Forgot to say how much I like that BOO banner!

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