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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I always go a little bit crazy around my birthday, feeling like I need to buy something to celebrate, SO, it didn't help me to "resist" when my daughter sent me on a quest to help her find some boots. To make a long story shorter, I hunted for hers with no luck, in the mean time, she located some. So I could put them out of my mind.....yes????
Today, I was making a quick run to the mall for a charitable donation and passed the shoe/boot section in Penneys.
There they were, the only size left being MY size and ON SALE. So I quickly became my favorite charity and added the boots to the items I was getting for the donation. [BUT I AM KEEPING THESE!]
How should these comfortable boots be worn??? With skinny jeans, or skirts.....for more great looks, check this post.
It also occurs to me that the boots could be featured in a still life with some chrysanthemums and autumn items.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I LOVE them! Are they a rugged kind of brown leather? I love the natural look! I'm glad you included the link for the outfits! I have some new black boots and I was wondering if I'm supposed to wear black leggings when I wear them with a skirt. I don't want to hide them under jeans...what's the point! So seeing the outfits put together helps me, too! We're 'stylin' now! lol

Carmen said...

i have these boots!!!
for about five or six years now and LOVE them!

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