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Monday, October 19, 2009

About 4:30 this morning, I pulled on those new boots and drove Steve/Mr. Pear to our local hospital so he could be checked in for scheduled surgery.

He had a total knee replacement and seems to be doing very well. The hospital will be his home for the next 3 days...I will be there a lot and on call of course! They have him using a machine which gently flexes the knee. We have several weeks of recuperation and time off from work for him. [3 months off] Once he is up and around, we will travel to see family!

When I came home this afternoon, the autumn sun was making the yellow maple leaves so brilliant and they just happened to be behind a pot of purple (red-violet) Tradescantia zebrina which is the complement of the yellow. The sun was also coming through the Tradscantia leaves! Wow! It was worth a quick sketch for my journal!


Shopgirl said...

Arney has had this sugery. They can been in a lot of pain. I will be thinking of you both. He is back to work and doing really well.
Take care of you too, Hugs

Bettyann said...

Good luck and good health ahead for Mr. Pear..

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