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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A good friend, of many years, had a birthday this week. I had made this little English cottage quilt block with her in mind several years ago. It has now become one side of a tea cozy for her.

The other side has a little Kate Greenaway girl embroidered on it. I think it came together very nicely. Now for that pot of tea!


I am working on some watercolors of pears and peaches...they are so gorgeous I have to paint them before I can eat them! Also copying some Mary Oliver poetry in long hand to use as collage backgrounds.
Our garden has lots of green tomatoes. I harvested a cucumber and large beefsteak tomato this week. I have planted some beets...a few only came up...and some turnips...lots of those came up. We will see if they produce any wonderful beets and turnips for me to watercolor! [There is always the farmer's market here!]
This is my day off, I really feel like hibernating with this cool cloudy fall weather we are having.
Perhaps just read a book, or do a collage, or cook something to go with the tea!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the tea cozy! The colors are so pretty! I have some Kate G. paper dolls! I love the old fashioned girls! Enjoy your evening!

Carmen said...

when i am not working i kind of yes enjoying cool chilly days or maybe that way i have an excuse to say i want to be home (sighs! here)

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