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Monday, August 10, 2009

For anyone wondering about doing one of these layered, "lasagna" gardens. Here are the
current results we have had. See the garden above, yesterday morning.
I have lots of green tomatoes! These were planted before May 15th and should finally ripen at any moment. [We had two tomatoes from the Cherokee Purple heirloom about a month ago, they were delicious! I'm ready for more!]
It has been an easy garden to plant and maintain. Probably needs more hours of sunshine.
We have zucchini vines and flowers but no zucchini are forming. The cucumber has wandered, climbing everywhere and has so far given us 7 cucumbers in 6 weeks....more on the way, slowly!
The bell pepper plant produced one pepper ( to be fair, I moved it just as that pepper was developing. It seems to like the move ( it was under the tomatoes and cucumbers). I know I have planted a lot of things too close together....not knowing which would "take off" and grow.
My marigolds and ornamental pepper plant have thrived. The basil has done alright ...'though lots of it never came up....maybe need better seed? The rosemary is doing well too, it has been fun finding recipes for using some of this.
To sum up, I would say that this is a easy (no digging or tilling) fun way to garden (almost no weeding) and if you have a sunny place you could grow vegetables. If your yard is shady, try coleus and impatiens and experiment!
I used nothing chemical....just the layers of organic material, including mushroom compost. Fish emulsion has been the fertilizer if needed. (of course being new to this, I'm not always sure when it is "needed"!) I removed the few visible garden pests (hornworm and Japanese beetle) by hand and no more followed (thank goodness!).
Pest update a few days later....another intruder showed up, the bright yellow spotted cucumber beetle and what I think were the "matching" worms....bright yellow too with spiky black "hairs". All were dispatched by a gloved hand! Uck!

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gemma said...

It is beautiful Lila. What is the size of your garden? We are all dried up here except for basil. It needs lots of water.

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