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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Changes to my art space/sewing studio.
Last night we hung this shelf, a gift from my friend, Cheryl. I had painted it turquoise before we hung it. Filling it with little objects was lots of fun!

One object is a retablo of St. Teresa, painted by my sister. You can also see (click on the photo for closer look...) a crow feather and ATC (artist's trading card, 2"x3") of a crow and a girl drawn by an artist in Russia.. a nesting doll also from Russia, artwork by Tammy Mimms, little African beaded dolls, a painting by a Southern folk artist whose first name is Jesse Lavon(it is of a quilt sale at a rural church),a "bellsnickle" black papiermache cat, and a photograph of a friend in her office....

Meet my friend, Macrina Wiederkehr. I've treasured this photo for a number of years! The little Amish doll was a gift from me. I was hoping to find the secret to a SIMPLE, PEACEFUL life, and had been reading about the Amish. Macrina is a spiritual director , poet and author of 7 published books. She has just opened a blog, poetically named, "Under the Sycamore Tree" . I know you will love visiting with her through her posts!

Now I have some other friends coming to see my quilts and studio this evening. I'm off to find a recipe for a tuna pasta salad AND to tidy up all around here! LOL!


Piecefulafternoon said...

We have the same Russian nesting dolls - brought to us by Don's aunt.

Enjoy your friends.

Laurie said...

I like all your artistic treasures. I have a nesting doll that was my Mom's. I can't believe how tiny the smallest one is ~

Mary Timme said...

I love little wonderful things that we all put into our homes. At the moment, I'm thinking of my owls because of the last post I've read. Now, I bet I'll be thinking about dolls!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Love the turquoise shelf with all your little treasures! I've been perusing Macrina's blog and I've really enjoyed reading her posts. Thanks for the link! Hope you have a fun evening with your friends. Vicki

Carmen said...

LOOOOVE little things!
and your shelf is lovely in that color, too!
I know Macrina because of you, i have been to her blog many times

gemma said...

Hi Lila,
You have some great treasures.
I visited Marcinas blog. Thank you for the link. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Shopgirl said...

Love the shelf, wonderful treasure found there.
I hope you are having a wonderful summer. It passes so fast here in Idaho. Hugs, Mary

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