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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A brief history of a tomato....
Young tomato plants are set out in the garden in early May. Here a week later, May 21st, they are happy.
The plant on the right side is the Cherokee Purple, heirloom tomato. [Click on photos to see more detail.]

June 11th, we have blossoms and 2 "babies"!
June 18th, they are so cute....but no more have formed.

A month later, July 16th, while treating the garden for poison ivy, the now large, heavy tomatoes are harvested. They are beginning to turn from green to dusky red.

Here is a close look. July 16th.

Now, on advice from an older gardener, they go into a brown paper ripen.

By the morning of July 21st they are ready for their close up....and smell like wonderful fresh tomatoes, too!
That evening, the largest one is sliced to reveal beautiful rich red flesh and a heavenly scent and taste! [Shown here with basil which was added to the lettuce on the BLT that was enjoyed moments later!]
Note: the vines are beginning to produce, but none of these newer tomatoes will be as carefully watched as these first two "babies"! [We will be eating the smaller of these, in the background above, with our supper tonight!]


Piecefulafternoon said...

I MUST have a tomato sandwich!!!

Mary Timme said...

They look good sliced! Maybe I'm half a convert to heirloom purple tomatoes! But they are of the deadly night shade family.

bettyann said...

yummy I can taste them ..keep us updated

Shopgirl said...

Looks so good. We missed having a garden this year..Arney loves his garden, next year!
I can smell the real tomatoes!
Hugs, Mary

Julie said...

There is nothing like a fresh, homegrown tomato. So unlike the cardboard from the grocery store.

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