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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Before I can eat these tomatoes....first from the garden, I have to sketch them in my watercolor garden journal! Cherokee purple tomatoes due to become "Basil BLT's" for supper tonight. That is fresh basil for part of the lettuce on a BLT!

Last night's baking project was PLUM KUCHEN. I read several recipes on-line then adjusted them for what I had in the pantry. I can tell you that my version used turbinado sugar and for part of the all purpose flour (always unbleached!) I used spelt flour. So this could be healthy, right???? Of course, I had to make a watercolor of one the red violets and ruby jewel tones that appear when the plums are baked this way!


Anonymous said...

Yummy to all of it.

Julie said...

How you do know about kuchen? You're not a German from North Dakota! LOL! Maybe from your ND friend? Peach kuchen is yummy!

gemma said...

Yum those tomatoes and Basil on a BLT. Really that just goes to show how simple is best!

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