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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A pair of house wrens live just outside the door to our deck. They inspired my watercolor this morning. ( more about the wrens later)

Here, the geranium poses for me!

An early morning, as the sun is rising, "bird's-eye" view from the deck of my "lasagna" garden! [Note: added Tuesday a m- I looked out just now to see that the wrens were drinking from the birdbath and hopping through the garden, finding tasty morsels! I was so delighted to see them using the bird bath I had made!]

Here is a newly sewn seersucker romper with an embroidered sports car, for my darling grandson! Whew! to finish reading "Middlemarch" (very droll descriptions of many of the characters, esp. as they struggle with money issues and finding their way in the world of their time!) and go to the library for my next book. ["In Hovering Flight"--see previous post] Have a good Sunday!


Janet said...

Pretty geraniums both in real life and your painting. nd what a cute little romper. I always liked seersucker in the summer but I don't see it very often anymore.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your painting is my favorite that you've done! I love the wrens and the red geranium! Lovely!

gemma said...

I just love your water colors Lila.
Just gorgeous. Your lasagna garden looks yummy!Everything you've been doing seems to shine.

Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

Lovely, summery painting. When I used to garden, the little wrens would scold me for getting too close to their babies. I had hung up a bird post just for decoration right next to my herb garden, and they had taken it over as their home.

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