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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bounty from the local farmer's market....

I will be doing some watercolors of these fruits and vegetables! They are so beautiful!
Meanwhile, early morning photos of my garden, show me that I could use a few more, larger potted plants in this setting (below).

Here the morning sun is gently striking the birdbath at the corner of the "lasagne" (layered) garden.

the "Beefmaster" tomato is making lots of blossoms but no fruit yet???? Do we need more bees????
Right next to it, the heirloom "Cherokee Purple" has 2 tomatoes and also more blossoms.
I did see one little bee the other day......hope he was helping with this!


Julie said...

I love seeing your garden as it progresses. The minute I saw those flowers in the first picture I thought - I bet Lila will paint these!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The flowers are lovely and I know you will enjoy painting your great finds! And home grown tomatoes ...YUMO!

bettyann said...

My daughter loves tomatoes and has been growing them since she was four..she believes in Miracle Growand she is able to get tomatoes, even in Calgary, they get snow sometimes in June...

lila said...

Thanks Bettyann. Your daughter is an "old hand" at the garden by now!
We have lots of Miracle Grow here too....I have some fish emulsion. Don't know if they need fertilizer...the leaves look good.

Mary Timme said...

I know for us we have to hit that magic time when it doesn't fall below 55 degrees and when it isn't above 90 during the day. For some reason tomatoes don't set except between those temps. Weird, huh?

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