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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just outside my sewing studio door is the backyard, and my garden experiments. The latest (as of this morning) is planting two tomatoes in a $5.00 bale of wheat straw. The idea is to make a hole for each tomato, put in some potting soil and Epsom salts (I added egg shells) then the tomato plant. WELLLLLL....It took a lot of work with a few good tools (thanks Andrew!) just to budge the straw....I never got much of a "hole"....just lots of blisters on my palm...finally, I planted them anyway...we'll see how they are looking when I get back from Georgia next week.
It may work or not.

As you can see in the next photo, the "lasagna" garden is transforming, the tomato plant which had the spotted leaves is still doing fine, after I removed the bad leaves. I made bamboo wigwams over the cucumber and zucchini...(hmmm...does zucchini climb????) just in case they need to grow UP.

See the lucky (rusty) horseshoe which was dug up near by? Below, the garden angel and the pink astilbe coming back from the last 2 years. [It is in a container.]

Another view of the little layered garden. I added the large basil plant from my sun porch last week. When I pulled out the radishes (which were only leaves and no radish, by the way) in order to plant the herb, the rich layers of earth and peat moss were full of wriggling earth worms. So I was happy to see that they have taken up residence here!!!
We've had a few sunny days...still cloudy, cooler than usual so the pansies are OK as are the lettuces and kale. Soon, the hot weather and different plants???

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