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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just the most wonderful afternoon ever! I got off work two hours early to come home and paint in the garden as the sun was out for a bit! The rain had stopped!

Here is a watercolor of the garden "map" at the moment...the layered, "lasagna" garden.
I must say it has drained well and is not waterlogged inspite of more than a week of heavy rains here!

These watercolor sketches are from a garden in our front yard.

Here is my "Gertrude Jekyll" English rose. It has a wonderful fragrance and always blooms for Mother's day!

Nearby, a peony is about to open. It will be the first time this one blooms...I can hardly wait!

A watercolor sketch and the "real thing" of my "pets", a Japanese painted fern. It dies back in the winter then comes out again!
"Lemon sugar" marguarite...still doing well in the corner of the lasagna garden!

Lettuce and new "babies" in the garden!


Julie said...


I am so loving this "Nature's Sketchbook" series you are doing. I hope you keep it up all summer, and continue to show us your drawings/paintings.

Shopgirl said...

I love what you are doing...these are lovely. I do love the spring and you captured it so well.
Hugs, Mary

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