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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today is a good friend's birthday! .....someone who has been my friend since junior high school!

Happy Birthday, Sally!!!!

Instead of a birthday cake, I am making HOT CROSS BUNS (recipe) for the occasion. I will be visiting Sally tomorrow in a nearby town. Mutual friend, Lizzy will be with us!


Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger???? In the past, I could drag the pictures almost anywhere I loaded them. Now they will not move, because the side bar will not scroll down when ever I have "clicked" a photo to move. So this limits my layout.....just wondering!

I just took these photos for those of you wondering how the garden is doing. It has been a month since we built it and some plants, the pansies, kale and merlot lettuce have been in (as small plants) for 3 weeks now.
It has been very cool. Something has eaten a lot of the kale, and the pansies too....I was hoping to have many more blooms on them.
The merlot lettuce is doing fine (my "nibbler" doesn't seem to go for red lettuce!), though nothing is growing very fast. I do water, cover and uncover when nights are frosty and days are sunny. It is sprinkling out there now, thunderstorms are coming.
My radishes have come up from seeds planted 12 days ago. It will be time to thin them out this weekend.

Here is my salad bowl lettuce, 12 days after planting the seeds, and my sweet basil too. Much thinning to do this weekend!


Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

I gave up on trying to do anything with pictures on Blogger long ago. I could not get text to wrap around the pix so I just centered them.

Now Blogger won't let me cut and paste. It is infuriating me. Also, my back browser doesn't work in Blogger (it does elsewhere). This is so frustrating I have almost quit reading blogs.

Janet said...

No problems with Blogger right now. I always use html mode when I upload photos because it makes it easy for me to move them.

I don't think I've ever had a Hot Cross Bun! I remember them from a nursery rhyme!

gemma said...

You are going to be enjoying some delicious salads this summer.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I have had success with clicking a photo and then hitting Ctrl X - which cuts the picture out - then go to where I want it - and hit Ctrl C for copy - at least that is working for now. And I find that I have to use Mozilla Firefox for the best results with Blogger. Still can't get it to wrap either - but I just center like Julie.

Mary Timme said...

Oh, it is way too soon for us to plant our tender crops yet! How neat to have so much fun in seeing you crops coming up. I have basil envy, I'm afraid!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday to Sally! I hope you had a fun visit...wish I could have been there, too! How special to keep our friends from childhood! I'm glad we have blogs to help with that, too!

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