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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally a sunny Spring day! Here is a group of daffodils (with slightly pink trumpets) from our front yard.

In the back yard, we find a brighter yellow in the forsythia bush!

And 2 weeks after building the "lasagne" garden bed, we plant the first plants. I chose the Merlot (red leaf) lettuce, the Dinasour kale and the Red Russian kale from a local organic plant sale yesterday. Because it is still cool, and to add some color I also planted a row of pansies.
Other seeds are being started indoors. I still have to plan much of what I will grow.

And of course, I must update the watercolor garden journal, too!


gemma said...

Wow...Merlot lettuce. Home grown lettuce is so delicious.I am thinking of planting more veggies to help us through this recession.
Your garden is looking good.
Your chair will be a hit at the auction. I LOVE it!!!
Actually I have more to say so I'll eMail you.

linda said...

I love those yellow daffs with that pinkish middles~lovely! I'm keeping track of your lasagna garden to see how it turns certainly sounds yummy ;)

and that chair is fantastic!!


Julie said...

Lovely to see those yellows. We are getting a blizzard tonight. I guess it's good we have no blooming flowers yet.

Mary Timme said...

I love those first flowers after winter. Aren't they the best!

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