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Friday, February 06, 2009

This is a collage/paper quilt ( I will try free-motion quilting it with my old Singer 301) which I am making to hang in the bathroom at work. I work in a sewing center. This collage has antique sewing advertisements and other images of sewing and needle arts. [click on the image for a larger view] I think that people will enjoy seeing it once it is hung there!
Later...I did finish doing free motion quilting on the paper collage above and used pinking shears on the edges.
I am also taking this old book cover which I framed.

Singer is not the wonderful company it once was. I love their antique machines, and sew on a couple myself.

Today I would recommend a Janome (formerly New Home) or Bernina. Brother and Baby Lock ( which is made by Brother) are just not quite as good. Of course, Viking or Huskvarna is also excellent.

DO NOT BUY cheap machines at discount stores....they are basically disposable models....needing adjustment and repairs frequently. Soon you have spent more on repairs than the cheap machine cost anyway, AND they are pieces of junk and can't really be fixed for long !!! Don't throw your money away!


Mary Timme said...

And you know that everyone will go there too! Seems like every class I take I have to visit the facility, so it will be something beautiful for each one to see. Good for you Lila!

Shopgirl said...

First I love the collage, the them is really fun. I love old sewing adds to and you captured the whole idea so perfectly.
I agree about the sewing machines. I worked at a place that made curtains and I learned so much about the junk we have been and are sold. It makes all the difference to have the power and less break downs. The machines we had were Juki...a German made machine that had been at this factory for many years. I was for the most part a serger. The machine I own is a peice of's a train wreck, I think for the most part I talk it into doing it's job!!
take care of you, Mary

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