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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Last Sunday we left our neighborhood which had no power and scenes like this one....

to go out for a Sunday drive in the mild February temperatures. Our first stop as we drove down scenic byway 71 was this old one lane iron bridge near the community of Woolsey.

There was much less ice damage the further south we drove, though the homes and businesses were still without power.

This is the small town of Winslow, old store fronts near the train depot.

The person who no longer wishes to be known as "Mr. Pear" spotted frozen ice falls along the train tracks so we began a short hike down the rails to reach the photo op for him.

There was a railroad tunnel dating from 1882 just around the bend and I photographed him with the tunnel in the background. The glare of sunlight makes it hard to distinguish the tunnel.

Upon returning to where our car was parked, we looked up to read a sign saying that the railroad bed and tracks were private property and trespassers could be fined or arrested. Definitely out of my comfort zone there! (The jail was in one of the old buildings behind the store fronts...LOL!)

We continued along the byway and were able to see many miles over the Boston Mountains. I love going out "in the woods" in winter when the leaves are off the trees and one can see so much more!
We returned home to find there was still no power and we had one last night of "indoor camping"! Memories!


Lavender Dreamer said...

I love taking drives to see the sites! You never know what you will see! I clicked on each picture to enlarge...and the man..not known as Mr. Pear...looks very nice with the tunnel in the background and YOU look marvelous, my friend! I'm glad the days of no power are over for you. We watched the weather channel today at noon and was surprised to learn that close to 70,000 are still without power! I hope it's warmed up some!

lila said...

Yes, it is warm and mild still. Those without power are getting a wee bit tired of it!!!

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