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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a note, writing from work.
We have been without power since Tuesday!!!!
100,000 people with no power.
More details later....I need to talk to a customer!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Recipe choosen by a person who no longer wishes to be called Mr. Pear.....

Delicious! Delicious! We had this for dinner last night!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

[Scan of the last 3 tags.....still need to be quilted and embellished!]

An "art day" for me!
These are works in progress, small collages on tags.
I'm having fun on this cold, cloudy morning with
snow in the forecast for tomorrow.
I have to overlap these a bit on the scanner, there are four tags started here. [ Click on the photo for a closer view.] When finished, they will be posted to
my ARTY Collages and Dolls blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here is the crow feather which I found Sunday. I was able to add it to the frame of an art piece (an ATC or Artist Trading Card) given to me by my friend Tracie. The artist, Marzanyta Gerwoloyeva, is Russian. The title of the drawing is "Please Don't Speak".

I am still working on my art journal and will post some soon...maybe this morning.

Meanwhile, please visit my daughter's blog for a look at my grandchildren flying home during the Inaugaration. [Scroll down on her post below the rice pudding!]
Also, please be kind and leave a comment for her!
I have just posted some art journal pages here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A sunny Sunday! Hanging out in our town....

Having lots of "good" energy this morning, we attended some church services....

Before heading to our award winning library (photo above) in the early afternoon, we walked around a local park. Many people were out walking and walking their dogs, others were playing tennis or shooting basketballs! It is almost a mile if you walk the trail around the park...being winter, the flower beds are mostly resting....we saw some nandina, some ferns. One end of the park has a spring and a "castle" of fantasy shapes for children to climb was designed by local artist Frank Williams.

In a few months, the bare trees will come to life with white blossoms and the flower beds will bloom again....all with the help of our wonderful city parks crew!

As we reached our car, I looked down and found a crow feather right in my path...I considered that to be a good omen for my creative spirit. [Yes, I will be doing pages in my art journal before the day ends!!!]

Off to Cut and Paste and draw and paint now.....that is after we have our spagetti and salad for supper.
I want to thank Julie (Celtic Lady) for giving me a special award.....and once I have some art journal pages to post, I will post the award also!!! Thanks, Julie!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Having lots of issues with Blogger these days.....apparently even though I post every few days, I am listed as last being up-dated a year ago! So, I am attempting to update my header using some of the images from the ATC's above....we'll see.....
Later...still no luck with changing the banner. I really like plain and simple for it anyway....I just thought that if I made a few changes, Blogger would notice and see that my blog IS UPDATED quite often!!!! BUT with Blogger, I guess you get what you pay for! LOL!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is it cold and snowy where you are? Icy winds and gray skies?
I recommend arm chair travel....start in the working world of Great Britain and end up in the Greek Isles! Simply get you hands on a copy of "Shirley Valentine" a movie from 20 years ago which is still fun!
It is about a "40-something" homemaker who leaves her "small world" and goes on a vacation to Greece. This leads to more possibilites!

I first saw "Shirley Valentine" while visiting my friend Macrina. This week, I am planning to again visit Macrina, who is now recuperating from hip surgery.
I will be taking my friend Karen, who is recuperating from a broken arm, to meet Macrina. Karen is staying with us for a couple of weeks...
So while there may not be much sunshine around here this time of year ('though Arkansas does get more than many of you!) we will be sharing the warmth of friendship. I will try to post more about our visit later in the week.
My job really takes my time these days....funny thing about that! My computer and blogging time is limited! I hope to get around and visit more blogs, a few at a time!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Every year I do a "cut and paste" art journal..

This is the last page....inside the back cover of the one for 2008. I was late winding it up. I was out of town most of the time from just before Thanksgiving until after Christmas. It was great to be back here and by pulling images of things out of my mail....(thanks Gemma), magazines, Tracy Porter's catalog and the Internet, I glue up an imaginary world. It isn't even always right side up! No matter.

Sometimes I tell my self this is "silly", a waste of time...but I know after doing a page or two, I feel more peaceful and centered. It's as if somehow I have tied up some loose ends and can now move on to see what tomorrow may bring!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I love the image of the artist! [This one is from a website about the benefits of vitamin D3.] These always catch my eye....someone painting. I know I "NEED" to be the person in the photo! Somedays I am!

Here is a scan of some watercolor postcards. One of the beauties of watercolor on paper is that the large image I paint and am not satisfied with, can be cut into smaller, more pleasing images, perfect for postcards!

Monday, January 05, 2009 step forward, two steps back..
The basement is wet again! The "clean out" in the sewer line that we paid hundreds of $$$$ for last week did not keep the water from flowing back inside the house!....and why is that sewer line blocked already when they totally cleaned it 5 days ago???!!!!
I was going in to work today....but now am here waiting for the plumber and the city sewer crew to solve this issue!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

More sewing ideas.

My daughter and I like this red print dress.

Too cute!!!

I think I could make a similar one using the pattern at the right. It is Simplicity 2926. Simplicity patterns are on sale for 99 cents this week at Hobby Lobby. I also have a source for a similar large red and white print fabric. The red grograin bow and satin sash will be easy. Great for Valentine's Day!

Here is a scan of the fabrics for the dress.


Also from Anthropologie.....this window full of antique ornaments .

I need to pack our ornaments away!!!! However, I was happy that the tree was still up this afternoon when my friend Tracie came by with some of the "Christmas" I had missed out on by being away in early-mid December.
This is a hand-painted silk scarf from my friend Lizzzzie! What is on it??? Pears of course...

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