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Friday, December 12, 2008

We have a guest blogger today......

My darling mother has been staying with me for the past month as I recover from what we will call "a 'bout of exhaustion". Yes, the type of severe exhaustion that would cause a celebrity to check into the hospital or book an extended stay at a destination spa, such as Canyon Ranch... well, not being of the celebrity sort, I called Mama! She came, she baked, she cooked, she cleaned, but most importantly, she spent hours with her grand babies. This has been such a special time because without my "exhaustion", I can't think of another year when it would have been possible for us to be together the entire month before Christmas. I am thrilled that all of us now have such pleasant memories of prepping for this wonderful holiday together.
Another great thing about MY MOM is that she is as crafty as they come! No craft is too challenging for this woman! So, when I was laid up in bed, browsing blogs for the first time in months, I came across this jacket. Three days later, my own version was hanging in my closet. Love it!
I started a new blog this week... I have my Caribbean Travel Blog and my Destination Wedding Blog in support of my business... but no blog that let's me join in the real fun of blogging - random rambling posts. So you can visit me at My Eloise and see all the fun we ladies have been up to!
I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

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