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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Someone in our family takes constant photos. This really helps my blog! Thank-you, certain photographer!
Here we have the creative force behind all the delicious meals we enjoyed over Christmas. My daughter, Laura, studying a recipe down-loaded from the Internet...perhaps for the "Floating Island" dessert....a meringue island floats in a sea of creme anglais (vanilla custard sauce). Heavenly!
BTW, she is wearing the retro apron I sewed for her one a surprise. Laura loves the retro 1950's kitchen scene, complete with frequent decorative use of rickrack and ball fringe!

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Julie said...


Glad to see you back at home, safe and sound! It must be nice to be in your own place again. You were gone a long time.

Christmas is all about kids, isn't it? We haven't had small children around at Christmas for six years now, since my nephew moved his three kids to Idaho.

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