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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two cards....

This watercolor postcard came yesterday. Lizzzie made it to thank us for our hospitality last week. I love the indigo and really like the stems on the pears too!

Wonderful work Lizzzie!

I wonder what the saying means....????? [Should we tell Santa? it is signed "ELF"]


The next card is one that my daughter requested I do for her....[I guess there aren't many limits on what I will do for her!]

She wanted and original caricature style Christmas card drawing of her family and dog in front of their home. Now this was a challenge as I had to work from assorted photos and just group them on my own. Besides, I do landscapes and still life, not cartoons or portraits! I kept thinking of the Caroline's Crayons blog while I did was not a fast undertaking!

postscript....the granddaughter wants her skirt to be green. I think I can do that! Back to the colored pencils now!


Lavender Dreamer said...

What a beautiful card from your friend! I know you enjoyed her visit. Love the sweet card you made for your granddaughter, too! You are so talented!

Britt-Arnhild said...

The two cards are very different, though both are great!

Julie said...

I didn't realize Lizzzy was such an artist. Tell her how much I liked her painting.

And your Christmas Card is too cool! Wow, no wonder your daughter asked her to design her cards this year.

Gemma said...

Lizzies pears are so pretty. So are your quilted pears from previous post!!!! Wow Look at Bindley driving already LOL.CUTE!
The Christmas card you drew is really special. That is a great idea. OOOh you have been busy...and working too!
Whew Lila
I've been working and little else.
sending love

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mama! Our local printer is working away making copies of the card.

PS. I love Gemma's bee... too cute.

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