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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They certainly grow up too fast!!!!!

A year ago, last November 12th, we were waiting for this little guy to make his appearance! He took his time and arrived on the 17th.

Now that he is here, he seems to be wasting no time in catching on to the ways of the world. Here, a few weeks ago, he is about to test drive a Triumph.....and he isn't even walking yet!


I am enjoying all things related to sewing, including these fresh pears, LOL! You can get the pattern for them here . They are from designer Heather Bailey's newest patterns, premiered at the International Quilt Market recently.


Julie said...

Cute No. 1: Your grandson.
Cute No. 2: those pears!

Lavender Dreamer said...

They grow up in a hurry! I have a grandson born Nov 18th and he'll be 6 years old! The pears are beautiful! Love the colors!

Diana said...

Love the grandson and the pears! They both look so fresh...

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