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Friday, September 12, 2008

We are having a party tonight to celebrate our new refrigerator which is coming sometime today. [When you have an empty nest, you find new reasons for a party!]

I am making crock-pot Brunswick Stew. The photo above is from the internet and is by Southern Living. But I didn't like the sound of their recipe...lots of lima beans, and bacon too.

I have read several recipes for this classic Southern dish, so am doing a combination of these. I am using chicken, boneless breasts and thighs because these were in my old freezer. I may add a little chopped ham. I will use a small package of baby limas and not just corn and tomatoes. I may throw in a chopped potato. Along with the bay leaf and rosemary I will add a touch of barbecue sauce and Worchestershire.

We will also have cornbread from Gayle and Apple Crisp using the apples that Lizzzie picked. I think Tracie..who is coming straight from work, is bringing a bottle of wine. It will be a simple meal to celebrate the harvest, ending of summer and maybe even a b'day...but most of all, a shiny black refrigerator with the freezer below and a working ice maker!
If you would like to come and join us, could you please bring some vanilla frozen yogurt for the Apple Crisp?!


Tammy said...

Oh YUMMY! I am going to have to try this out. We had Brunswick stew for the first time in Raleigh, NC at a Smithfields Restaurant. It was phenomenal! I have never looked for a recipe, but this looks yum! It's cold and rainy here today too, so may be the perfect dish to whip up this afternoon (with my afternoon off from work!)

Lavender Dreamer said...

That sounds so good! I made stew last night...using sirloin tips, onion, potatoes and carrots and I baked cornbread in a cast iron skillet! We had a glass of Black Opal Shiraz with our stew and it was very complimentary. Have fun! Wish I lived closer!

Julie said...

Oh, how I would have loved to have been there and met you, Lizzie and Gayle, my round robin Southern Ladies!!

It sounds so scrumptious. Having never made Brunswick Stew, I must check out some recipes!

Gemma said...

Lila that sounds so yummy. I'm glad that the cooler weather is approaching and we can celebrate the moments of our lives with things like this stew. Can't wait to sit around a fire pit outside in the cool evenings.

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