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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Browsing through a flea market this afternoon with my friend Gayle, I found
this treasure.....

A mug decorated with birds and blackberries (perfect since Michaelmas is coming up!) AND it was made in Scotland, home of fictional detective Hamish Macbeth!

Any Scottish ancestors would have approved of the price tag, too! Only $1.00!


More gifts...these apples were picked for me by my friend, Lizzzie. They are photographed on a blue and white quilt given to me by my friend Paula.

It is time to bake something....

so I found a simple recipe. It is wonderful!

As it only used 2 of the apples, I have plenty for making a pie, or putting through the juicer. But first I may need to do a watercolor....of course!


Another project this week was the making of this small baby quilt. Very simple, soft and cuddly.


Our outing for Labor Day was a drive to Eureka Springs....and a hike through the downtown and surrounding area. We saw this in the window of and antique shop....which was closed. [Thanks for taking the photo, Mr. Pear!]


diane + ron said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I am inspired to start a more 'creative' blog now! It's great to discover more about you, too! Happy blogging!
:) Diane

lila said...

Thank-you Diane! It has been a few years since we were in Home Ec. class in High school together!

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