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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

She wants "Instant Gratification"...

An on-line group I was joining was called "Soul Journal". Each week an art journal page could be made following a prompt from the organizers. The first week's prompt was "Instant Gratification".
I thought of things we grab on to seeking to find joy. And they do work, at least for a time. I haven't done the art page from that prompt yet...but I think these photos relate.
---Going to see "Mamma Mia", 3 times so far.
----Partying with my own girlfriends...including my daughter and granddaughter.
-----Recent E-bay purchases. The kurta (tunic) from exotic far-way India; a silver ring which fits my index finger. [Inspired by the one Donna (Meryl Streep) wears in the movie I've been seeing over and over! LOL!]

Of course, instant gratification isn't related just to shopping and "things". I'd like a "quick fix" of several problems....but of course I will learn more and find true inner peace by learning to "balance" my burdens...whatever they may be.

John O' Donohue mentions finding the point of equilibrium in each burden that we are given to bear."When in patience and in prayer we painstakingly manage to discover the point of equilibrium within our burdens, we are able to carry them more easily." [Eternal Echoes, p.155]

----Now this reminds me of my October birthday and its horoscope sign, Libra. The scales, seeking balance.

... And with self-indulgence being allowed somewhat in one's birthday month, I come back to the "gratification" thing again.

Now off to do the soul collage or some laundry. We'll see.
[Note: my collage about this is on my "ARTY COLLAGES AND DOLLS" blog]


diane + ron said...

What a wonderful entry! I enjoyed talking with you today and now I need to put "Mama Mia" on my 'must see' list! You inspire me! Thanks!

Tammy said...

I need to go see Mamma Mia again! It made me happy. Also a little nostalgic/sad - I had a friend who would have LOVED it who died about 12 years ago. I miss him!

Great post! We share a sign - my birthday is end of September though. What day is yours?

Gemma said...

Good morning Lila,
Your journal page is really cool.
I loved 'Mamamia' too. That's great how you have similar pictures of your own.I also saw the "instant gratification" soul journal prompt...sounds like fun. I did the SaraWhitmore journal pages earlier this summer....and will probably continue with this new one.

mermaid musings said...

self gratification is ok in moderation ;-)

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