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Thursday, September 18, 2008

After traveling for 7 months and visiting 5 other art-makers,

my "round robin"altered book has come home!

I am continually delighted when looking through the pages....

finding roses (The title of the original book was "Watching the Roses"), mermaids, poetry, personal memories and even paper dolls. Altered books are interactive...
sort of like a homemade "pop-up" book for an individual. This one has pockets holding more treasures and tags hanging in the binding.

THANK-YOU, Gayle, Lizzzie, Linda, Julie and Carmen! I hope your round robin altered books are soon home to you and that they bring you smiles of delight!

[NOTE: If you would like to learn more about how to make and altered book and what one is look here.]


diane + ron said...

AMAZING! The book is spectacular ...each page a delight! What a creative project!

Julie said...

It was my great honor to participate in this project. Thanks for asking me.

It was also my great pleasure - as soon as I gave myself permission to let go and have fun!

Gemma said...

It's beautiful. I am proud to have been part of this round robin. havn't recieved mine yet...
something to look forward to.
Have a nice weekend.



These altered books look fantastic!

~ Gabriela ~

Loretta said...

Great book! You know how I love those mermaids!

Hope you are enjoying the last weekend of summer '08. We managed a quick ride for some apples.

mermaid musings said...

Thank you for putting together this round robin, you were a lovely hostess, thank you for all of those wonderful links and emails.
It was a great way to learn making something like this for the very first time ;-)
Thank YOU!

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