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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Should the fritillary fly into the flower garden?

This shows the photograph from Google Images of a fritillary and a thistle (I can only say "wow!" to the yellow-orange and pink color combination!) which I used as inspiration for my collage/paper quilt made last summer. [That is the paper quilt in the background....the butterfly is made from tissue paper and acrylic paint.]

Now I am working on an acrylic painting of a flower bed and may decide to include the fritillary again. ["Fritillary" is a word I learned from reading a Mary Stuart novel, set in England of course, where she was describing a meadow near Hadrian's Wall...]

This is one of a set of paintings which I have written about here, I am down to doing the details.....I think I would like the thistle and fritillary in that flower bed! [later---you can see I did get out there and paint the butterfly/fritillary in the upper right.]


Life is not fair. Poor Mr. Pear. While I escaped the heat and went to the movies with my girlfriends, he got to spend the afternoon cleaning the deck with a power washer. I love to see him making real progress!

The movie we saw was "Momma Mia". Absolutely a fun 2 hours! I don't care what the critics say...this movie celebrates Life, ("crazy life"!) and makes you want to get up and be a "Dancing Queen" !!!!! Don't miss it if you need to feel good!

In fact it was so good that I want to see it again with Mr. Pear! (We saw the Broadway Theater series musical together when it came to our local art center!)

[For more ABBA music in a movie, see "Muriel's Wedding" and Australian film available on DVD...] Love quirky movies anyway and the music is a bonus!


Gemma said...

Lila,I always forget to check your other blogs. Your new paintings are wonderful. I love your altered book pages too.You are so creative!
The preview of Mamma Mia looks like fun. I'm off to work today...wish me luck with the "bad boys" lol
Have a good week!

Lady Laurie said...

This does look like a fun movie, something my hubby would call a "chick flick." I used to love Abba!!

Lady Laurie said...

Oh I wanted to say how pretty orange and pink go together!
love the word "fritillary!!"

Janet said...

I'm with Gemma....I always forget you have other blogs! Your paintings are beautiful and I'm sure they will be a wonderful way to wake up each morning.

I haven't seen the movie yet but it's on my "to see" list.

tamberstone said...

I went to see Mamma Mia on Saturday! I am a HUGE ABBA fan, so I had to see it!

I absolutely loved it! :) It is one I will buy on DVD when it comes out.

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