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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My granddaughter likes to work with her hands....

Here she is styling someones hair. She can entertain herself at my studio art table for hours.....

This first crayon drawing was done 4 years ago, she had been helping me make I think her art is symetrically designed, like a quilt block.

[note: see larger images by clicking on the art work]

These were done a few days ago, she was playing with my oil pastels, glitter glue, and rubber stamps. She chose to use the rubber stamp which says, "BEAUTY". [A true artist at heart here!]


Note: I have just posted altered book pages here.


Janet said...

These are great! You have a little artist there. And a beautiful one at that!

Gemma said...

I think artistic talent is inherited. How fun to be able to make art with her and to encourage her. So important.
She is blessed to have you as a grandma.

tammy vitale said...

ooo, look at your granddaughter's work! Alas my grandson is not a crayoner. Too bad - we could so bond over that! Very much enjoyed browsing your block (and your quilt is wonderful - would love to see the whole thing). I've never seen a double hibiscus and I once lived in florida! What a pretty flower!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - good luck with your job search - I understand the "heart not in it" thing, for sure.

linda said...

what a lovely child. and I also really admire her art. she obviously takes after her grandmother!

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