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Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday afternoon the weather was wonderful! Even though it was 83 degrees, the humidity was so low that it was quite comfortable. I spent an hour reading outside my back door, in the little garden.

The sunlight was really bathing these potted flowers. I had just given them a much needed drink before taking the photo. Some of them are definitely looking thirsty!
This area is all shade in the morning....

Here the dappled sunlight plays with the "wall" of river rocks from my friend Paula.
The cedar tree has wonderful bark....that is the chair in which I was reading until the sun moved in and took away my shade!

This is my current "pet" plant. It was rescued from the mark-down sale rack in front of a local grocery store about 6 weeks ago. It has since doubled in size. It is some kind of Japanese "painted" fern with soft grey-green fronds, the centers of which have a soft red violet stem. The cobalt blue urn next to it was a gift from my brother who has made some wonderful pottery.


Today, I will be visiting a friend's garden in a nearby town and will have both my camera and my watercolors with me! So I hope to be back later with an update!

On a different note....I just posted a collage here .


Gemma said...

dearest Lila
You have published so many beautiful posts I have missed....I'm going to scroll back through and see/read them.
Thankully you understand blogging without obligation.
Love you!

lila said...

Thank-you Gemma! Always glad to have you visit and to visit you!
Being away for a while is OK!

Sioux said...

Hi, Lila. Hopped over here from Annie's blog to wish you a happy, safe weekend. And to give you a hug!0x0x0x0x

Mary Timme said...

I totally love the bloging with out obligation thing even if I forget it for myself sometimes. That pot is lovely. Will the plant go in that in the fall?

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