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Thursday, July 24, 2008

This small photo is of my grandson in the grocery shopping cart (looking so cute beside the bananas!)

The cart is lined with a colorful item I made. It is a "shopping cart liner"...LOL! It can also be used to line high chairs in restaurants, as you can see in the larger photo. I am now selling these on ETSY....check back for more colorways as machine gets going. [ Or if I can put down my latest mystery novel long enough to be productive!]

Note: these photos show a pink shopping cart liner made for a baby girl and my grandson again, using the liner in a restaurant high chair.


Tonight friends are coming for dinner, then we have a concert in the park. I will be making Spinach Feta Chicken Breasts.

This photo is from canarygirl. The recipe is there too! [I love being able to find recipes so quickly on-line!]


Janet said...

Your grandson is a cutie! And I like the cart liner....seems everyone is using these now, and they're a good idea. I'm sure you will do good with them.

Can I come for dinner, too? Spinach and feta are two of my favorites....I could just leave out the chicken!!

Gemma said...

You are so industrious Lila. The cart liner is a great idea but I especially love Bindley.

Annie said...

What a yummy looking recipe. thanks for the lead, Lila.

Naturegirl said...

Lila these are genius! I was just talking to my daughter about shopping carts and restaurant highchairs..OH the Germs!! How can we put her brand new son in those!!
Your cover idea solves that!! Good idea!! I'm off to your shop!! hugs NG

Shopgirl said...

What a little charmer your Grandson is...I would love to hug him. And about your dinner, Yummmie looking....
Hugs, mary

Kelli said...

What a cutie!

Julie said...


That liner is great. I hope a lot of people find out about them and order lots from your etsy shop. Good luck!

mermaid musings said...

you are so talented! I love it, perfect for the cutest grandbaby ever ;-)

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