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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still quilting and painting.....

Shadow is right in the camera lens again, she has been helping me to pin baste my "Just Breathe" quilt. As soon as I bring it to my Singer 301 and begin machine quilting, she is there to help!

These are two of the blocks from the first "Just Breathe" quilt...given to my brother for his birthday.

Here is the current quilt with the free motion quilting done in varigated thread. [Of course you can't see the thread, but Shadow did finally allow me to get the quilting done!] I am loving the brighter colors, Kaffe Fassett fabrics with others from my stash, and expecially the lime green and the turquoise which "sing"!

This is a photo of me with a quilt I sold a few years ago. It has a very large print by "who else?", Kaffe Fassett, broken up by 9-patches of other fabrics.

I have also been painting again......first, though, is this painting from classes I took earlier.
We are framing it and using it on our newly painted walls!

Using stylized philodendron leaves and silhouettes of African antelope, I created the " forest".

Extra texture was added by walking on the painting with dark red paint on the soles of my espedrilles and by pressing paint onto the painting with corrugated cardboard shapes.

Below are 2 recent watercolors for ETSY.

An indigo bird with sunflowers and luscious berries....

An old clothespin and a "Rose of Sharon" flower.

And finally, the quilting and the painting come together in this quilted watercolor. Black stitching quilts along black ink line drawing, going through the paper, the batting and the black fabric backing. See ETSY.

Thursday morning update: see my self-portrait practice and my painting studio here.


linda said...

I love your use of color! I saw this quilt and my mouth started watering and yes, it's that turquoise blue popping out! Yum!

Your watercolors are wonderful too. I am off to your etsy site!

linda said...

I have passed on an award to you! You are under NO obligation to participate. I wanted you to know I love your blog and it's many delightful and inspiring things to see.

lila said...

Thank-you Linda. Like Abraham Lincoln I am happy to receive the award. I got one last week too. I prefer not to name recipients, I will post in in my side bar!

Julie said...

I just checked out your Etsy shop - both for sale and already sold. I LOVE your clothespins series.

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